Bagpiper Band Playing Techniques Guide

The Step by Step Playing Techniques Guide of Bagpiper Band

Bagpiper Band Playing Techniques Guide

Finger positions for the scale.

Low G.

Do not use your finger tips. Keep your fingers straight and relaxed. Starting with your little finger, right hand, on the bottom hole. Then one by one lay all the rest on the holes. With your left hand, place your thumb on the back hole at the top and one by one place your other fingers on the remaining three holes. I repeat, do not use you finger tips! This note is called Low G.

Low A.

  1. The next note is Low A. To make this note all you have to do is lift your little finger. Do not grip the chanter tightly. Keep your fingers straight.

B is the next note. Lift the third finger of your right hand as well as the little finger to make this note..

  1.  This note is a little bit trickier. You must lift the second finger and, at the same time, replace the little finger back on the bottom hole. You may experience a little bit of difficulty here as finding the bottom hole is not easy at first. This note is C.
  2. Keeping your little finger on the bottom hole, lift the first finger, right hand to make this note, D.

E. This note is E. Replace all the fingers of the right hand and lift the little finger, right hand and lift the third finger left hand all at the same time. Once again, you may find this maneuver quite tricky at first.


Keeping your little up, lift the second finger left hand as well as the third finger to make this note, F.

High G.

Still keeping your little finger off the chanter,, lift your first finger, left hand as well as the other two to make this note High G.

High A.

On your left hand, replace the third finger on the hole third from the top and lift off your thumb from the back hole to make High A.

You will notice there are only three notes where the little finger is down. Low G, C and D. Remember This.