Bagpiper Musical Band for Prakash Utsav Shobha Yatra Nagar Kirtan Parade

Bagpiper Musical Band for Prakash Utsav Shobha Yatra Nagar Kirtan Parade post thumbnail image

Bagpiper Musical Band for Prakash Utsav Shobha Yatra Nagar Kirtan Parade 

Sikh religion is famous for its grandeur and sewa. Sikh people celebrate various Sikh festivals all across the globe with great fervor and throughout the year. Some times it is the birth of Great Gurus and sometimes it is some other religious functions. For example, sikh devotees carry out Nagar Kirtan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Pavan Prakash Utsav in different parts of the globe and all devotees come together, they plan, they take responsibilities of each and every program, how it is to be executed and how grand they are going to make it. Surely, they want to make it bigger than ever. There is a list of sikh festivals

Being organised by them in line with the festivals dates and with proper planning. Gurpurab is one festival where sikh devotees plan and execute the whole program at a very large scale. Sometimes it is so big that the Langar for the Sangat goes on for a whole day.

Devotional shabads are sung in gurudwaras and along with this, devotees distribute langar to the public. Irrespective of caste, creed or financial status, langar is distributed to each and everyone during the Prakash Parva and also for this Nagarkirtan is carried out which goes on in all the major markets and streets.

Nagar Kirtan religious procession is a symbolic way of taking the Holy Guru Granth Sahib across the city and during this Nagar Kirtan sikh devotees clean the pathway with broom and clear the clutter, then they sprinkle water, from where the Holy Guru Granth Sahib Nagar Kirtan is to go.
The very beautifully decorated palki carrying Holy Guru Granth Sahib goes along with the sikh devoteees singing devotional hymns and shabds. During the Sikh religious Alokik Nagar Kirtan, various performances take place.

For this Nagar Kirtan Sikh Parade Sikh Bagpiper Musical Band performance is called for. Military Army Bagpiper Band plays mellifluous tunes by bagpipe bands and drum beats. It also performs various acrobat acts, like throwing the big drum up in the air and then catch it. Not to mention, these acts need a very tough practice and regular rehearsals.

All around the year, bagpiper band players do practice for 5-6 hours daily and then they are prepared for the program’s events and functions. Whether it is local Shobha yatra or International Nagar kirtan, everyone wants to celebrate Guru Parv with great enthusiasm and fervor and bagpiper band performance enhances the aura of the occasion.

Sikhs celebrate Guru Parv through a Nagar Kirtan which is one of the major festivals of the year. It is one of the Festivals Of Punjab which takes place around the globe with great enthusiasm and josh. No doubt, Military Army Bagpiper Band Prakash Utsav adds to the celebration and has its own place amidst the enthusiastic Sikh devotees. We have a long list of Sikh religious devotees who call us for Nagar kirtan Shobha yatra each and every year and we are privileged to mark the occasion with our bagpiper band performance.


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