Band for Vargoda Varsidan Varshidaan Vargoda

We offer military army bagpipe band services for Jain diksha mahotsav & Jain Deeksha varghodo as varghoda band. We have done various Mahaveer Bhagwan Vargoda and Varsidan Varshidaan Vargoda for Jain community program of varghoda. We play our pipe band at Varghoda procession during Siddhitap Program Live. We have performed on various Bhavya Varghoda shubha yatra across the country. On the day of the programme, deeksharthi varghoda Shobha yatra is carried out throughout the city which infuses fervor and devotion in devotees. Var Ghoda ceremony in itself mark the occasion with celebration mood and band baaja.
Varghodo is actually Gujarati wedding Baraat Procession.

¬†Wherever the groom reaches the bride’s home riding on a horse and is followed by a dancing procession by their relatives, friends, and near and dear ones.
Varghodo wedding procession is never complete without a celebration with Military Army Bagpipe Band. When you name Varghodo Band itself is very explanatory it simply means band baaja baraat.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]