Learn Bagpiper Band in India

How to learn to play bagpiper band in India?

Here is what to do.

  1. Get a practice chanter. Make sure the one you choose is made by a reputable bagpipe maker.
  2. Select the tuition programme that suits you best. Order it on this website using either PayTM or Cash. Both are 100% reliable. You can also order by email direct to me and pay by cheque.
  3.  While it is usually best to have your own local teacher, it is not always possible so, you must be able to motivate yourself.
  4. Discipline yourself to dedicate 1 hour per day for practice. It may be quite boring at first doing scales etc.,but as you progress there will be much more to cram in to the hour and you must ensure that you are playing everything properly.
  5. There will be times when you think you are making no progress but, let me assure you that everyone has gone through that, so stick it out.
  6. Everyone is different and therefore learn at different speeds. This course should take between six months to a year to complete. There are no short cuts! If this sounds like it will take too long to complete then go away. I am not interested in you. I am only interested in people who want to learn properly.
  7. There are thousands of people who claim to be pipers but, let me tell you, that only about five(5)% of them play properly. Do you want to be in the 5% or the 95%??? In fact, let’s make the 5% into 10%.