Types of Bagpipes:

When the terminology word “bagpipes” is comes to a sentence, most people will usually visualize the type of bagpipe popularized in movies, TV shows, and pop culture which are called Great Highland bagpipes. This type of bagpipe is also the most common at Scottish Games, and rock bands, and among traditional, competitive bagpipe bands.

However, yet another popular famous type of bagpipe is the world famous and originated bagpipes, the national bagpipe of Ireland, also called “union pipes”. Unlike the highland bagpipe, which is inflated by blowing into the bag, Uilleann bagpipes are inflated by means of a small bellows strapped around the waist and the right arm.

The India Bag pipes are differ from many other types of bagpipes by their tone and music range. Unlike the limited range of the highland bagpipes, India Bag bagpipes have a range of two full octaves (including sharps and flats) and regulators which enable the piper to play a simple harmonic chords as needed.

In general, India Bag pipes have a sweeter, quieter sound than its highland counterpart and are often played indoors with the piper seated while playing. For a comparison, listen to this highland bagpipes and India Punjabi Bag bagpipes duet on.