Lucknow, the land of Nawabs, there are many vital traits of this city except Pehle Aaap and Tunda Kebab, but one thing is sure that the city love everything King Size. And complementing the same, we are serving the city with very hallmark style of our Kings  Bagpiper Band in Lucknow. Now,  with the advent of brass bands working for marriages traditionally are found to be of very cliché,  we at our end are serving the city with the most prolific and high-end style of luxurious wedding musical orchestra band here.

Hire Military Army Fauji Sardar Bagpiper Pipe Band Booking Marriage Wedding Shaadi Shobha Yatra Nagar Kirtan Events

Our mellifluous Fauji Pipe Band presents a high end disciplined way of entertaining the baraat procession while other traditional Wedding Band Providers are still providing the same services we have come 1 step ahead. We are offering our services in marriages wedding birthday Shobha Yatra and Nagar Kirtan, receptions corporate events as Wedding Bands while people recognize us as the most popular Bagpipe Band some of them recognize us as Sardar Band because of our most of the team members being Sikh and they tie turbans and always while performing as wedding or event, are in tidy neat and clean colorful uniform, which attracts everybody sight and when we start performing everyone gets hooked. Not to mention our acrobats are so awesome that apart from the invited guests on the wedding or event, ongoing people standstill to watch our performance. It is so mesmerizing.

We are called Fauji Band  as well because we have trained our bagpipe band players by the
Military Band bagpipe players and masters and they all are from an army background. They taught our teammates to be disciplined and well behaved and always punctual. When you call us you will find all these traits in our Army Band booking 9772222567.  Now, why we have made a mark in our domain and why we are counted as the most popular and dedication and why we have become the first choice as Marriage Military Band for Wedding in Lucknow, this is the basic reason for our being the most popular Shaadi Band in Lucknow. We only focus on our work and perform according to the occasion, event or wedding, Shobha yatra, Nagar kirtan or any other auspicious occasion. We have made Kings Bagpiper Band as the most prominent Wedding Pipe Band and we keep our values high. We don’t ask for extra money, as the other brass band wallas snatch from the Baraati during wedding marriage baraat procession.

We have trained our Wedding Bagpiper Band players to play the bagpipes only and not to snatch money from the baraati dancing to the tunes of band.
We are disciplined for a reason, usually, you might have seen that various Marriage Performer ask for so-called Inaam money from baraati, whether they willing to pay or not! But when it comes to Kings Bagpiper Band we never do these kinds of cheap tricks. After all we have been trained by military personnel and we keep our promise intact. We only ask for the money that we have sealed the deal for. Nothing more nothing less. That is our promise. And we keep our promise. That is our promise!

So, when you are looking for a band for wedding baraat procession as Wedding Band  Lucknow  especially Marriage Band , before taking any final decision for a brass band, please do call our Pipe Band Rates  and get the best of Indian Wedding Band playing at the wedding marriage band baraat procession

People who have called up for the wedding or event or auspicious occasion or simply any event, just call 9772222567 Wedding Bagpiper Band  Lucknow are the live example and testimonials for our performance and disciplined behavior and moreover a complete package of superb performance, mellifluous tunes, well-organized drum beats and simply, a band to remember for a lifetime. We are one of the few marriage band performers for all occasions who give the best performances every time and let the audience as well as the host remember the occasion for a lifetime. Because we put all our energy and experience and dedication and artistic spirit in each performance we are called upon. So, next time, when you call us you are sure to get a mesmerizing performance.
Call 9772222567 to Hire Bagpiper Military Army Fauji Sardar Pipe Band Booking Marriage Wedding Shaadi Shobha Yatra Nagar Kirtan Events Lucknow