Bagpiper Band Recruitment


Bagpiper Band Recruitment:
Our Bagpipe Band is recruiting pipers and drummers!

If you have a proven track record in piping or drumming, Our Pipe Band can offer you an exciting opportunity to play in the most successful band.  After an incredible season in Grade 5, we are looking to progress and continue winning prizes in Grade 4 in 2021!

If you believe you possess the qualities required to be a piper or drummer with  Grade 4 band and you would like to join, contact us 9772222567 or e-mail us.

Pipe & Drum Instructions:

Band practice is held every Monday evening from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM at Hall on the campus Academy. Group lessons for beginners are held from 7:30 PM to 8:15 PM and are minimum charge! Private lessons can be arranged for a nominal charge by our experienced instructors below:


Band Leadership

Pipe Major: Raghuveer Singh

Pipe Major   Raghuveer Singh started his piping career with The New Pipe Band in Punjab 33 years ago.

Jaspreet moved to Jaipur in 1992 and played with Pipe Band and honed his piping skills under  the instruction of Gurmeet.  In 1998, Gurmeet  moved to Abohar and joined us and continued his development as Pipe Sergeant under the tutelage of Pipe Majors Col. Jhujhaar Singh and Deepak Singh.  Jhujhaar Singh was promoted to Pipe Major in 2012 and has led the band to dozens of awards and commendations over the past decade.


Pipe Sergeant: Raghuveer Singh

Pipe Sergeant Maheep Singh recently immigrated to the U.S. from India.

Raghuveer Singh is a highly acclaimed piper and teacher. He is an expert piper with the patience for beginners and the experience to help intermediate and advance pipers. He has toured with the Celtic/Caribbean fusion rock band Kaptaan Bagpiper Band throughout Europe, Russia, and South America. Raghuveer Singh’s traditional training mixed with cutting edge flair is a perfect blend to help pipers get the most fun out of their pipes.


Piping Instructor:  Raghuveer Singh

Raghuveer Singh is a product of the New School of  Piping beginning in October of 2004.

Raghuveer Singh studies yearly with the Piping School, offered by the internationally recognized faculty of The Piping, India, on the campus of New University, India. He has been taught by some of the most world-renowned names in piping, including Raghuveer Singh.  Raghuveer Singh currently holds his Level 3 Certificate from the Piping and Drumming Qualifications Board and is music major at New University. He will be the first Bagpipe major in the school’s history.


Drum Sergeant/Instructor : Manveer Singh

Manveer Singh has been teaching Scottish Drumming for over 20 years.  He also is a drum line instructor and high school music teacher in the Public School District.  Hundreds of young drummers from the region have benefited from his expertise, experience, and academic pedigree to attain the highest levels of musical certifications.

Many of Manveer Singh students have obtained full college scholarships for their drumming prowess.  Manveer Singh earned a Masters Degree in Education and has completed his Certification.

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