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Bagpiper Band Playing Rehearsals Practice Training

Our Purpose : Bagpiper Band Playing Rehearsals Practice Training


The Band has always been interested in the history and playing of the Pipes. We want to keep the Pipes alive and always to improve technique. “The only requirement is desire. There are no rules. There are minor lesson fees.” Training can take anywhere from one to two years of practice. We provide the basic training for free and will provide you the information you need to begin to play the pipes. We treat our students as part of the band, people who will, one day, join us as we march in our varied performances. We won’t ignore you. As a Band, we pride ourselves on our openness. When you need to move to advanced topics, we know instructors we can point you to in the area.

Currently we compete at Grade V level. Our goal is to become the best sounding Grade V in India. We compete at only 4 games because most of our members work and cannot spend a lot of weekends away. Some of us do compete on an individual basis; however, competition is NOT required. If you prefer to play with the main Band and don’t want to compete, that is perfectly fine. We want you to find your niche in playing.

We currently meet every Thursday night at Ground on the 5th lane in the city.

Beginner Practice starts at 7:00pm, regular band practice starts at 7:30 pm, and all are welcome. Bagpiper Band Playing Rehearsals Practice Training goes on for perfect performance.

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