Bagpiper Band Bagpiper Band Booking,Pipe Band Services शुभ आयोजनों के लिए बैगपाइपर बैंड कैसे बुकिंग कराएं | Why Hire Military Army Bagpiper Band

शुभ आयोजनों के लिए बैगपाइपर बैंड कैसे बुकिंग कराएं | Why Hire Military Army Bagpiper Band

Why Kings Bagpiper Band is unique in quality?

Formed in 2012, the Kings Bagpiper Band is one of the oldest continually functioning pipe bands in India.The competitive heights reached by the band have yet to be equaled by any Indian pipe band. Winners of the grade I Championships 7 times, with 3 consecutive victories, ours was also the first Indian band to win a grade I contest on soil.

Why Hire Military Army Bagpiper Band

The late 90’s saw the band led by Pipe Major Raghuveer Singh and Drum Sergeant Manveer Singh. Under their leadership the band quickly rebounded to the top of the circuit. In 2000, We won first place in every event that it entered. After an exodus of most of those talented Grade II players in 2012 the band was left with quite a void to fill.

Why Hire Military Army Bagpiper Band

Pipe Major Raghuveer Singh (of the Grade I days) sought to fill that void by cultivating talent within the County area. As part of this process, we are emphasizing participation by area pipers and a commitment to the education of the youth of the area.

After an enjoyable season of parades, we now are preparing for the upcoming season as new entrants at the Grade V level of competition.

Currently, we are seeking to add to our drum corps, any snare or tenor drummers interested please stop by the rehearsal hall or call or e-mail Band President Raghuveer Singh 9772222567 for information on joining.

For anyone that is interested in joining the band our rehearsals are held at the Ground, every Wednesday from 7-9 P.M. To book the Kings Bag Pipe Band, please contact Band Manager Raghuveer Singh 9772222567. Solo pipers, drummers and “cocktail” corps are also available.

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