Bagpiper Band for Jain Diksharthi Varghodo Varshidaan Vargoda Religious Procession

There are many religions and many religious programs that are taking place in many cities at once and especially Jain religion which is the symbol of vegetarianism and nonviolence always gives preference to a procession. Mahaveer Bhagwan Vargoda is celebrated along with great fervor and enthusiasm. Yes, people from Jain religion celebrate Vargoda Functions at a large scale where the number of dignitaries and common people and other devotees attends this program.

One of the main features of varsidan Vargoda is celebrated amongst the devotees. Band Baaja Baraat procession for Varshidaan Vargoda is celebrated amongst all. This is one Religious Procession Varghodo where people gather to celebrate with great fervor. One of the main programs for Varghoda Siddhitap is celebrated all over the country where people gather in groups to make it more colorful with their devotion and fervor. Siddhi Tapa is one of the greatest tapa done by many Jain ascetics during 4 months chaumasa in Jain religion. Jain people fast for 44 days during monsoon season. Of these, the actual days of fasting are thirty-six, when Jain people survive only on boiled water taken between 9:30 in the morning and 6:45 evening. After the first day’s fast, they observe a day’s break. The number of days of fasting increases by one until the upcoming break, until an eight-day fasting stretch is completed.
Varghoda Procession Is one of the greatest programs held in Jain religion. And we talk about varghoda, we mean a lot of crown of audience of devotees taking part in VarGhoda Ceremony. This is a procession for which devotees wait for a long period. They gather for all sorts of fervor and devotion. This is the reason where Jain devotees come together for the procession of Jain diksharthi. Jain Diksharthi Varghodo takes place for the celebration.
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