Military Army Fauji Pipe Band Marching Display | Prakash Utsav | Shobha Yatra | Nagar Kirtan  Vaisakhi cultural program is celebrated across India with great fervor and enthusiasm. Eventually,

Military Army Fauji Bagpiper Band Marching Display Prakash Utsav Shobha Yatra Nagar Kirtan . Vaisakhi occurs in the second month of the Sikh calendar. This festival is celebrated with great pomp and show by all religions including Sikh. As of today, more and more people want to experience things.

They want to know the culture of other religions too, this too, when we celebrate Xmas with our neighbor Christian friends. People tend to partake in  Nagar Kirtan Yatra On Guru Gobind Singh Prakash Parv. This denotes their devotion to their religion.  During Sikh Religion Nagar Kirtan people do sewa on the roads by distributing fruits, sweets, and other food to the devotees taking part in Nagar Kirtan Yatra. The roads are decorated with welcome gates and many Vyapaar Mandals and other societies come together to greet the Nagar Kirtan.

While Sikh Religious bodies hire Sikh Bagpiper Musical Band for Prakash Utsav Shobha Yatra  Nagar Kirtan which is the perfect way to celebrate with Sikh devotees. We have served more than 500 Shobha Yatras of all religions, where we have performed across the country. More than 25 states, and a long list of clients. Or should we say, satisfied clients? This is because we are called time and again by the same clients as we have performed very well and that was above their expectations. We charged a very reasonable price and we never let them down.
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We always put our best foot forward when it comes to Military Army Fauji Pipe Band Marching Display, with Bagpipe Band for Prakash Parv. Our whole focus is on entertaining the clients and to do our best. Dressed up in tidy uniforms, playing pipe band with dexterous hands, and doing astonishing acrobats are few highlights of our marching band.

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