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বিবাহ সংবর্ধনা এনগেজমেন্ট রিং অনুষ্ঠানের জন্য কলকাতা পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ব্যাগপাইপ ব্যান্ড ভাড়া করুন @ 9772222567 Hire Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe Band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony

বিবাহ সংবর্ধনা এনগেজমেন্ট রিং অনুষ্ঠানের জন্য কলকাতা পশ্চিমবঙ্গ ব্যাগপাইপ ব্যান্ড ভাড়া করুন @ 9772222567  Hire Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe Band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony post thumbnail image

Hire Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe Band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony

Elevate Your Wedding Celebrations with the Enchanting Tunes of a Bagpipe Band in Kolkata West Bengal

In the vibrant and culturally rich city of Kolkata, West Bengal, where every celebration is a grand affair, the addition of a Bagpipe Band brings a touch of tradition and splendor to weddings, receptions, and engagement ceremonies. The melodic sounds of bagpipes, coupled with the dynamic beats of drums, create an enchanting atmosphere that adds an extra layer of joy and celebration to your special moments. If you’re seeking to elevate your wedding experience, consider hiring a Bagpipe Band for your wedding reception and engagement ring ceremony in Kolkata, West Bengal.

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Immerse your wedding festivities in patriotic fervor by hiring a Live Army Military Band in Kolkata. The spirited performance and dynamic tunes will elevate the energy of your celebration, leaving a lasting impression on both the couple and the gathered guests.

Military Band for Wedding in West Bengal:

Make your wedding in West Bengal truly memorable by choosing a Military Band to grace the occasion. The synchronized melodies and powerful performance will bring a unique and unforgettable touch to your special day, creating a captivating atmosphere.

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Infuse life into your wedding celebrations by hiring a Live Band in Kolkata. The versatility and liveliness of a live performance will ensure that your wedding is a vibrant and unforgettable experience, creating cherished memories for everyone in attendance.

Army Band Booking in Kolkata:

Secure the services of an Army Band for your wedding through seamless booking in Kolkata. The majestic presence and ceremonial sounds of the band will contribute to the regal atmosphere, transforming your wedding ceremony into a dignified affair.

Wedding Military Bagpiper in Kolkata:

Enhance the grace and solemnity of your wedding ceremony in Kolkata with the inclusion of a Wedding Military Bagpiper. The traditional and soul-stirring tunes of the bagpipes will add an elegant touch and cultural richness to the proceedings.

Live Military Band in West Bengal:

For weddings in West Bengal that aspire for a dynamic and lively atmosphere, hiring a Live Military Band is the ideal choice. The spirited performance will ensure that the celebration is filled with energy and enthusiasm, creating lasting memories for all.

Kolkata Wedding Entertainment Services:

Explore the myriad Wedding Entertainment Services available in Kolkata to curate a unique and delightful wedding experience. From live music to military bands, Kolkata offers a diverse range of options to suit your preferences, ensuring an entertaining and enjoyable celebration.

Book Army Pipe Band for Wedding:

Book an Army Pipe Band for your wedding in Kolkata to infuse a traditional and ceremonial touch to the celebration. The distinctive sounds of the bagpipes and drums will create a captivating ambiance, making your wedding ceremony truly special.

West Bengal Live Military Music:

Experience the charm of Live Military Music in West Bengal. Whether it’s a wedding ceremony or a reception, the live performance of military music will infuse the atmosphere with pride and celebration, leaving a lasting impact on all attendees.

Wedding Ceremony Army Band in Kolkata:

For a memorable wedding ceremony in Kolkata, consider incorporating an Army Band. The ceremonial tunes and disciplined performance will enhance the solemnity of the occasion, creating a memorable and dignified atmosphere for the couple and their guests.

In conclusion, the addition of a Bagpipe Band to your wedding celebrations in Kolkata, West Bengal,
promises to make your special moments truly exceptional. From the dynamic beats of a Live Army Military Band to the
traditional tunes of a Wedding Military Bagpiper, these services offer a unique and memorable contribution to your wedding experience, ensuring a celebration that will be cherished by all.

Hire Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe Band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony

Where do we perform in India?

The history of The Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe band takes you to the four corners of Punjab, and to points around the world.  In 1957 The Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe band formed with several of the members being part of this army retired personnel.  The band regularly performed at military memorials, parades and other community functions.  How to book a Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony.

Hire Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe Band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony

In 1971 several members of the Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe band left the group and formed the Kings Bagpiper band Drums which was lead by Gurmeet Singh.  It was at about that time when the band made the decision to switch to the New Band with permission of the bagpiper band Association.

In 1991 the The Kings Bagpiper band Drums changed its name to the Kings Bagpiper band Drums .  The band followed suit.  While playing throughout the states of India, the band tries to attend at least one major out of state piping event each year.  Some of the highland games we have performed at include Kolkata West Bengal  Noida Gurgaon Mumbai  Jaipur Ludhiana, Chandigarh and all over India and the Pipe band performance across India.

The Band fluctuates in strength anywhere between twelve and twenty pipers and a little less than half that number of drummers. The band also fluctuates between grades 3 and 4.  Something new in 2002 is that we’ve brought back highland dancers to some of our performances.  Gurmeet is the Pipe Major, Raman Preet Singh is the Pipe Sergeant and  Dilpreet Singh is the Drum Sergeant.


Earliest Days of Kings Bagpiper Band in India:

Although it was known there was a pipe band in this small market town in 2012, it was not until 2012 that it became fully organized. The Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe Band as it was in the 2012.

Gurmeet, who was excavating the remains of the old abbey on the outskirts of the town, heard some pipers playing by the river and, on being told they were trying to organize a pipe band, offered to buy those uniforms and equipment. The band of the uniform was the The Kings Bagpiper band Drums and was chosen by us.

The first members of the Band were a father and son called Gurmeet, Harpreet, Diljeet, Avneet

Band Engagements:

Up until 1923, the Band only played for local charities and was made up of all bagpiper band artists. One of the charities was to play at the New Year’s dinner given by Sir Ramakant for the inmates of the Workhouse.  This custom was carried over to the new world of entertainment, when the workhouse closed. The Band also played for the returning soldiers at the end of the First World War. How to book a Kolkata West Bengal Bagpipe band For Wedding Reception Engagement Ring Ceremony.

Drums Arrive :

The Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe Band as they were in the 1930’sIn 1932, the Band appointed its first Drum Major. The mace was made from an ash stick, which was taken from the sawmill at nearby city, then turned at  it into a brand new work. The Band was presented with a new mace in 1955 by a a young guy, which is still used on special occasions by a Drum Major.

Between 1932 and 1939, the Band progressed and played all over the county. The money from engagements was used for the upkeep of the band, a custom still followed to this day. Travel to and from engagements was often by public transport.

The War Years:

Two pipers playing for the city at the advent of war in 1939 and the subsequent call up, the Band was reduced to three members – two pipers and one drummer. These three still turned out to all civic occasions and on New Year’s Eve in 1940 while playing in the New Year at the Town Hall, a piper stood up to his knees in snow!

Since 1938, the Band has always provided a piper to play for the master to the wedding reception after the robbing ceremony. In addition, pipers from the Band lead the Celebration Baraat  Procession Bagpiper Band Performance Party, which held in April.

After the War:

After the war, the Band soon gained strength and continued to play at various carnivals and shows in the area. In 1949, they were able to replace their uniforms, probably from ex army stock. In 1952, the oldest serving member of the Band at that time was a huge man called Gurpreet Singh. He had 39 years of service to his credit, 24 of which were as Pipe Major. He was succeeded by Lovejeet Singh who was to remain in charge of the Band until he retired in 1974 with a total of 43 years service.

The pipe band playing at wedding event functions:

The Kings Bagpiper Band Drums Band can boast some well-known and famous members through the years. After the First World War Gurmeet Singh, who played at the battle of the Pakistan with broken ankles, played with the band? He was from the outlying village of Longewal. Latterly, Havijeet singh, have all played with grade one bands. After the retirement of Garvpreet singh in 1974, the leadership of the Band passes onto Pipe Sergeant Gurpreet Singh.

Without his dedication and steadfastness when things were tough, it is fair to say the Band would not be in existence today.
The present Band, therefore, owes him a great deal of gratitude. He now has 27 years service to his credit. The Band continued to keep up its commitments at the towns civic functions and played at engagements, in particular the numerous shepherd shows in the north of the county.

Early Competition Success:

In 1982, the Band saw an upturn in its fortunes and new players joined the band. There was also a new Pipe Major in Jaipur. He brought the Band up to competition standard and the Band had some success in grade four competitions in the early eighties.


Traditionally, the members of the Band were usually drawn from the town. However, with the development of personal travel, they began to be drawn from all parts of India and even further enhanced the field.Hire Booking Military Marching Bands Pipes Kolkata West Bengal. It was during the 1980s that the Band realized it would only continue to exist if it trained its own youngsters and beginners.

This it did, and the Band was held in very high regard as a good teaching band and now has members within its ranks as reward for all the hard work and effort which had, and continues to be put into training. The Band had a dedicated training night which was, at one time, held in the Town. Many youngsters came along to learn how to play pipes and drums.

The Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe Band late 1990’s

Ever ongoing and associated with the influx of new members in the 80’s was the need for new uniforms and equipment.

This operation was co ordinate by the band’s President and Chairman, Gurmeet Singh and Mr Guljeet Singh respectively and really started off in 1984. A great deal of hard work and effort went in to just keeping the Band equipped with day-to-day requirements let alone the purchase of new items of uniform.

However, with dogged determination, the administration team secured various donations and grants as well as raising funds itself, to buy new full dress uniforms in keeping with the tradition of The Kings Bagpiper band Drums Pipe Band. The hard work continues as more money is always needed. Nagar Kirtan services in Kolkata West Bengal @ 9772222567.

With several inter band moves in the mid to late period of the decade, the present Pipe Major Gurmeet Singh took over the leadership of the Band. Hailing from Amritsar  in Punjab, He is the present North East of Punjab piping representative on the music board. He is also known to be a very good Bhangra dancer!

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